The primary objective of the test is to ensure cinema auditoria can ingest and play back encrypted SMPTE DCPs successfully prior to receiving SMPTE DCPs in future. This is a European-wide rolling programme which has already been successfully completed in a majority of territories.


Fig.1 Territory Test Process


The EDCF SMPTE Project group determines who is best placed in a particular territory to handle the following:



Software Updates

01. Update before the test

Before ingesting and playing the test content, please ensure all your equipment is upgraded to the latest available software and firmware versions. Please contact your integrator or technical support contact for assistance with this.

Common issues:

Audio Routing

02. Verify audio channel routing 

Before receiving the test content, please play back an approved Channel ID package to ensure audio routing is correct and adhering to the wild track format channel layout.

Common issues:

Subtitle Rendering 

03. Confirm your Timed Text Rendering capability.

Depending on the generation of equipment you have installed, you may encounter issues with Timed Text rendering. As such the below chart will aid you in identifying the equipment type you have installed and the workaround remediation action you can take to ensure successful rendering. Your integrator should also be able to assist you in confirming this.

This technical document is for informational purposes with the intent of providing guidance on standards interpretation and understanding. Therefore, as such; referenced and used at your own risk. Its outlines a recommended practice and its undertaking is strictly voluntary with no warranty expressed or implied. It is provided for convenience only based on industry practice and real world feedback.


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