Hard Disk Drive

Adhering to these steps will ensure accurate and valid presentation of the content to the playback device.

  1. When you connect up your CRU drive, verify the following:
    • The device is powered on and disk is spinning. Gently, resting your hand on the device, you should feel the disks spinning. This confirms power to the drive.
    • When you connect the CRU drive via USB. The amber light should start flashing. A flashing amber light means the file system is been accessed. Interupting this process without unmounting the drive correctly can result in damaging the file system and corrupting the stored contents.
  2. Always allow a server process to complete or terminate it by the application’s interface.
  3. Handle drives with care.
  4. Avoid using worn down or drives stored for long periods of time.
  5. Try to avoid dual power/transfer drives.
  6. Swap out the CRU DX115 adapter along with the power and USB cables to verify all connections if power issues persist.

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