The Union Internationale des Cinémas/International Union of Cinemas is the European grouping of cinema trade associations and key operators, covering 37 territories across the region. They promote the cultural, social and economic benefits of a vibrant cinema-going culture in Europe and provide a strong and influential voice for European cinema operators on issues of shared interest.

Their team works from Brussels to advocate for the value of cinema exhibition in Europe by:

  • Providing UNIC members with up-to-date information on policy developments and market trends at both European and national level;
  • Representing the exhibition sector at institutional meetings, conferences and trade-related events at both the EU and national level on implementing strategies that promote cinemas as well as a more creative and innovative European Union;
  • Liaising, on the sector’s behalf, with other industry stakeholders in Europe (distributors, producers, artists, other content industries, etc.) and with partners in the US, enabling high-level executives from the cinema industry to collectively share their expertise and experiences;
  • Co-organising CineEurope, Europe’s premier get-together for the cinema exhibition community.