Q. How can I check if my product is SMPTE compliant?

A. You can download the Test Package to verify if all essence components ingest, playback and exhibit correctly.

Q. What test material and test plans are available for me to use for testing?

A. The x3 Main Test Content resources available today are the SMPTE DPROVE, ISDCF and EDCF Packages.

Q. Is there a public repository where details of SMPTE compliance are available?

A. The 21DC Suite of Standards together with the industry recommended docs listed on both this Web Portal and ISDCF should provide you most of the information you need.

Q. What is a Plugfest event and how can I get involved?

A. Plugfests are often organised as SubGroups to the Main Technology Committee. As such, participation in the 21DC Technology Committee allows you to become involved.

Q. How do I implement a new technical feature to be supported by SMPTE?

A. Participation in the 21DC Technology Committee and working with partners will aid in correct implementation. 

Q. If I have more questions on SMPTE, who can I contact for information?

A. This Web Portal is a good place to start and provides all the necessary information to aid you in understanding the format. Be sure to checkout the resources section.