3rd Party Communication

As with all forms of troubleshooting, one may eventually need to reach out and include a 3rd party such as a manufacturer or integrator. Investigating issues, especially technical related ones which are at the behest of an ever increasing and varying combinations of software and firmware instances. With this in mind, it is recommended to adhere to the below when constructing any email correspondence or equivalent.

Recommended Process

  1. Record your name and contact details along with the site/exhibitor you represent.
  2. Summarize the issue(s) at hand e.g. "Subtitles display intermittently or not at all"
  3. When dealing with equipment it is always important to include the details of said equipment. For DCP troubleshooting always include the following:
      • CPL CTT and UUID
      • Projector make, model, software version, firmware version.
      • Server make, model, software version, firmware version.
  4. Explain the issue you have summarized as succinctly as possible ensuring you include system behavior, what your actions where when using the equipment along with any error or system messages you may have been presented and what device presented it to you. Server, projector etc.
  5. Please also collect and include any logs or system diagnostic packages with your correspondence.

Some support prerequisites...

Before you raise a request with a 3rd party, ask yourself the following questions to ensure no human error or accident is at fault.

  • Can you reproduce the issue(s) more than once, be it at the initial offending screen or all screens?
  • Have you, the user, interfered with the content in any way prior to presenting it to the playback server for processing and playback?
  • Have you, the user, interfered with the content in any way during the ingest or the pre-playback check process?
  • Content handling instructions such as 'projectionist letters' are often provided for a reason. Have they been adhered to?