Technical Documents


Acronyms & Terms

Abstract: Definitions surrounding the common acronyms and terminology used in Digital Cinema amongst the varying mastering facilities servicing studio and independent content.


XML Constraints

Abstract: This infographic provides guidance on the correct implementation and usage of the Extensive Markup language referenced by the suite of Digital Cinema Standards with respect to the original XML specification outlined by

Language Codes & Subtags

Abstract: Often lending themselves to confusion rather than solutions, correct language code references can be somewhat of a stumbling block for many manufacturers. This document will help mitigate the confusion.

Sign-Language Video Encoding

Abstract: This document describes a method for the encoding and packaging of a sign language video track within a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for distribution to exhibition.

Superceeded: Please see RDD 52: 10.5594/SMPTE.RDD52.2020

References: Github Repo

Timed Text in Digital Cinema

Abstract: An informational document, aiding authoring services in understanding how to prepare content for st430-10 conformance.

Superceeded: Please see RDD 52: 10.5594/SMPTE.RDD52.2020

Timed Text Trackfile Creation

Abstract: The correct practice for wrapping st428-7 essence into a SMPTE Timed Text MXF track file for use in a SMPTE Compliant DCP.

Superceeded: Please see RDD 52: 10.5594/SMPTE.RDD52.2020

Subtitle Rendering 

Abstract: An infographic showcasing the differences and limitations in Timed Text rendering technology with respect to SMPTE compliance across the different generations of projector interfaces.


HDD Delivery Recommendations

Abstract: Guidance for correct packaging and file segmentation constraints depending on the preferred medium for distribution.